Bubble Tea Release

Bubble Tea Collection releases Friday July 23rd @ 10 AM Pacific!

Wax melts inspired by boba bubble teas and snacks! I researched a lot of boba shop menus to do this collection! Most of the scents are tea based, but there are also a few coffee scents that I really love!

Almond Milk Tea - Almond, black tea, milk, honey, and brown sugar boba.

Banana Milk Tea - Banana, black tea, milk, and honey.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea - Black tea, sugar, milk, heavy cream, and brown sugar boba.

Butter Me Up Coffee - Cafe Vienna, Danish butter cookies, lavender, and butter mints.

Chai Milk Tea - Cinnamon chai tea, milk, and honey.

Coconut Cream Latte - Coconut cream, caramel latte, heavy cream, sugar cookies, and creme brûlée.

Creme Brulee Milk Tea - Creme brûlée and black tea.

Dalgona Coffee - Cafe Vienna, pound cake, tres leche cake, vanilla wafers, and whipped cream.

Grapefruit Green Tea - Grapefruit, cucumber, and green tea.

Grasshopper Tea - Lychee, cucumber, and green tea.

Honeydew Matcha - Honeydew, and matcha green tea.

Honey Oolong Tea - Black tea, and a heaping spoonful of honey.

Hong Kong Mint Mojito - Muddled mint, lime, and iced black tea.

Jasmine Milk Tea - Jasmine black tea, milk, honey, and brown sugar boba.

Lychee Mango Berry Green Tea - Lychee, berry, strawberry, cucumber, green tea, and mango popping boba.

Mango Sticky Rice - Mango, coconut, rice, and milk.

Marshmallow Tea - Black tea and toasted marshmallow.

Matcha Donut - Matcha green tea, and donuts.

Pandan Green Waffle - Notes of coconut, banana, rice, matcha milk green tea, and waffle cone.

Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea - Strawberry, kiwi, Asian pear, and green tea.

Strawberry Matcha - Strawberry, matcha green tea, and brown sugar boba.

Strawberry Milk Tea - Strawberry, sugar, milk, black tea, and brown sugar boba.

Tropical Passion Tea - Tropical fruit, cucumber, green tea, and passion fruit popping boba.

White Peach Tea - Fresh peach juice, and white tea.