St. Patrick's 2021 Collection Details

Our St. Patrick's Collection launches Friday February 26th @ 10 AM Pacific!

Scent List:

  • Cold One - The smell of a hoppy beer. With notes of hops, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, and apple.
  • End of the Rainbow - Fresh air, rain water, and ozone.
  • Field of Green - A field of fresh cut grass and clovers.
  • Hot Toddy - A hot beverage of whiskey, sweet honey, and a heavy dose of soothing lemon.
  • Lucky Charms - A house blend of powdered sugar cereal, and fruity marshmallow bits.
  • Mint Mojito - Muddled mint leaves, lime juice, rum, and sugar.
  • Pot O' Gold - A blend of apricots, honey, and Egyptian amber.
  • Shamrock Cookie - A mix of butter mints and sugar cookie. (Cookie shaped)
  • Shamrock Cupcake - Butter mints, sweet creamy buttercream, and fluffy vanilla cake.
  • Shamrock Donut - Donut topped with a mint buttercream. (Donut shaped)
  • Shamrock Macaron - A pistachio macaron filled with a sweet mint buttercream. (Macaron shaped)
  • Shamrock Shake - A mint chocolate, and vanilla bean ice cream milkshake.